“I know I’m guilty, I understand that. I knew it was a crime, I did it anyway”

Thanks to my fellow Hunter, the S. Thompson version, who also found identity in writing. Ever inspiring and unparalleled in his musings, I have to admit that the first time I viewed Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, I didn’t really get it. So much, that I didn’t finish it.

Some years later, with additional awareness, I ended up watching is multiple times in one week, and it all makes sense what he was doing. This poster commemorates the quote of the spirit that essentially belies who I am. An intentional disregard for rules at the gain of presence and experience, he was unrelenting in his practice of said measures.

A native movie font forms the smoke from the cigarette under a pair of the most iconic glasses in movie history. This piece is included to show variety in media application of my work.

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