Re-cover of Bram Stokers’ famous novel, Dracula.

design x intention:: Am I alone when I express my angst and apprehension when standing up to the expectation that using a fabled font like Helvetica entails?

Dracula is similar in the literary world, as to do such a deed justice is required.

I feel I accomplished that justice, in this highly intentional design that was featured on the Recovering the Classics web catalog, to which I am humbly grateful to have been chosen.

Intensity is the name of the game in this homage to the savage that is Dracula. We all know the truth that hides behind that widows peak. Fully-saturated colors that toe the line of value-problem create an energy befitting of the royal bloodsucker himself.

Sharp angles play to the famous fangs, while the moon reveals itself in front of the night sky. A lattice lends info to the time period while a lone drop of blood, all it takes to trigger the madness, rests as if dropped from above. I really enjoyed the process of bringing this design to life.

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