• What It Feels Like to be a Street Artist •

-Placing media where others already have is far less intimidating than a unique place-
-The mind creates its own reasons not to put the media places, and the reasons are unique to the location-
-The “not here” mentality and the artists’ affinity for or against it is a highway to the culture of street art, in that artists can become known for where and how frequently they place their art-
-You must simply act in order to place the art, there is no middle between placed and not-
-The longer you stay near the site of the media after placement, the more nervous you become-

Above are the lessons I learned in the real-world application of the design. It was a fun project and while I realize the legal implications of these actions, I chose to disregard them in order to explore the concept. A metaphor for conscious risk-taking at the gain of experience, this study came about through a simple and fun digital self-project that people ended up enjoying.