Ah, the days when people would write on walls, “(insert name) was here.”

Looking back, why did we do this? I was definitely guilty, and now I am again.

This was a two-part study, enacted both in the digital realm and the actual realm, as if the digital realm wasn’t actual as well.

People wanted these stickers! As self-aggrandizing as this seems, people seemed to enjoy the reminisce it gave to a time in life people recalled. There’s just something funny about it, there’s no denying.

It’s actually much more, this urban-moniker of sorts. It’s a study in presence, and a mutual moment. Furthermore, an exercise in conscious risk-taking, when applied to the physical realm.

In this moment, I am here. I was here, and so were you. It’s an undeniable moment of connection.

Receiving a Snapchat from someone who sees the sticker became a reality, so where will we be next?