Hand-drawn, free-flowing lines represent the feelings that this 90’s lost-gem-of-a-band pumps out into the void.

A story of true brilliance behind madness, I discovered Brian Jonestown Massacre and instantly recognized a timeless sound that has ended up becoming core to my musical palette.

The curving lines represent the twists and turns they took along their wild ride in the musical spotlight, with the multiple layers to their sound forming the full-circle that is the main image.

A brief stint of interest in psychedelic imagery led me to feeling the need to draw these types of visuals, and through some simply digital illustration techniques I was able to find something I liked.

If you haven’t heard these guys, their timeless sound and one-of-a-kind approach to musical expression is simply too good not to lend an ear. You’re surely to find something audibly pleasing in their many different offerings.