If there was ever anyone who would never find their way, it was me.

That all changed, when I finally began to listen. To myself, to others, and to the world around me.

Listening continues to improve my personal & professional life in every way. It’s a story that I never expected to be able to tell.

I believe that story can help others do the same.


How to Use the Skill of Listening to Create Genuine Connections, Mutually Beneficial Relationships & Greater Self-Awareness

Organizational Benefits:
• First exposure for many to the opportunity available in listening for increasing
self-awareness and enjoyment of relationships
• Healthier communication in the workplace, classroom, or other group setting
• Increased productivity by reducing meaningless arguments
• Happier people resulting from increased frequency of genuine connections
• Showing how often people are in their own way, and what they can do about it

Presentation Summary:

Two 5 Minute Introductions: Creating Balance in Conversation by Focusing on the
“How & Now”

  • First intro is an intentional one-sided monologue about the speaker, stopped abruptly by asking the audience “Who’s listening?” followed by “Who have I lost already? Be honest!” Contrasting with….
  • Second intro is a dialogue, involving the audience in the conversation to immediately show the different levels of engagement and the self-control and trust required to elicit a genuine connection. “Who’s more interested now?”

Learning Skills by Leading the Audience Through Examples (~5-7 Minutes Each)

  • How to know the difference between when you/someone is hearing vs. listening
  • How listening builds connections and gives people the thing they need most
  • The illusion of risk: How being transparent creates trust in others
  • The real meaning of words: A matter of feeling
  • Recognizing when you’ve fallen out of listening
  • Emotional responsibility in conversation: A Roadmap to Thinking Selflessly
  • How listening equals presence: techniques for enjoying conversation more
  • Deep Listening: Applying Listening to the World Around You for Creating Self-Awareness
    • Filtering out Ego-Driven Feedback, Listening for Positivity, Constructive Criticism, and Objective Truths

5 Minute Question & Answer and Thank You

Price: $1500

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